October 1-December 26, 2009
Curator:  Migdalia Salas


This artwork depicts "los siete caminos de Yemaya" the seven paths taken by the Orisha Yemaya. It also shows Yemaya living in the bottom of the sea with Olokun, her father and the owner and master of the ocean. Yemaya is depicted as a mermaid as well as the Virgin of Merci as she is also known.

This multi-media installation is compose of seven panels 2'x 8' woodblock prints and a body of water made out of batik fabric, hand made paper sculptures, shells, glass, wood sculptures. The panels are printed on Satin* and framed with Batik fabric from Ghana, West Africa. A six-minute video is also part of the artwork.



This work was exhibited at the Voices of Water at the CESTA Festival in the Czech Republic, Casa Guayasamin in Havana, In Puerto Rico Museo Antigua Aduana , Arroyo, PR; Antiguo Arsenal de la Marina Espa�ola, Instituto de Cultura Puertorrique�a, Old San Juan, Centro Cultura de Bellas Artes, Guayama, (from January- August 2002). In Connecticut at the Mattatuck Museum of Arts & History Center in Waterbury and the Eli Slide House, Center for Contemporary Art in New Haven (2007).


ABOUT IMNA ARROYO: born in Guayama, Puerto Rico. She studied at La Escuela de Artes Pl�sticas del Instituto de Cultura in San Juan, Puerto Rico and obtained her BFA from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York and her MFA from Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. She also studied printmaking techniques at the Tamarind Institute, New York University Printmaking Studio, and at the University of Guanajuato, Mexico. Her work is also in numerous collections including the Museum of Modern Art Library/Franklin Furnace Artist Book Collection, Yale Art Gallery and Schomberg Center for Research and Black Culture. Arroyo is currently a Professor of Art at Eastern Connecticut State University.

She is the recipient of numerous awards and grants including, the Latin American Distinguish Service Award (2008),

the Eastern Connecticut State University Distinguished Faculty Member (2006), and the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Distinguished Service Award (2005). She also received the 2003 Steinkraus-Cohen Memorial Outstanding Women of Connecticut Award, in recognition of achievements and dedication to public service.

The award is under the auspices of the United Nations Association of the USA. In Nigeria, she was conferred the titled of Chief Yeye Agboola of Ido-Osun by His Majesty Oba (Dr. Arc) Aderemi Adeen Adeniyi-Adedapo, Sapoyoro Akored�1 (Oludo of the Osun Kingdom). She has exhibited extensively nationally and internationally. Arroyo participated in the collaborative installations of Altares /Altars at the Arco Chato in Panama City, Panama and Voices of Water at the CESTA Festival in the Czech Republic. Most recently she exhibited her Yemay� multi media installation at Casa Guayasam�n in Havana. Her Trail of Bones multi media installation was exhibited at the Evergreen Gallery at the Evergreen College in Olympia, Washington and at the Museo Casa Humboldt in Havana, Cuba and the Galeria de Arte Jos� Miguel Gonz�lez in Colon, Matanzas, Cuba. Her encaustic relief print installation was exhibited at the InterAmerican University in Bayam�n, Puerto Rico and the Heredia Theater in Santiago, Cuba.


The Many Faces of Yemaya

Yoruba Goddess of the Nigeria of West Africa, who journey through the Diaspora spreading her many names, guiding her followers through her many paths revealing her many faces.

Yemaya Achaba or Ayaba She gives life and death, To all the creatures in nature.

Yemaya Okute or Okuti Her pealed blue water can be found In he corrals of the coast, the sea or the river, The lagoon and the rainforest.

Yemaya Mayoleo or Maayalewo She lives in the forest inside the well And her essence eternal.

Yemaya Akuara She can be found in the confluence of the River with her sister Oshun.

Yemaya Asesu Her domain is the murky and dirty water. She can be found in the canyons, the latrines, and the cloaks.

Yemaya Konla She is the foam in the water. She lives in the ship propellers entangled in the seaweed.


Yemaya Awoyo The elder of the Yemaya She resides in the depth of the ocean Guarding the forces of the universe


"Satin worked very well to get the image printed on . . . The image immediately kisses the plate."
~ Imna Arroyo


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