solo exhibition

March 16 - April 20, 2013

Opening Reception: March 16 @ 7:00 pm

"The majority of my work for the Prize Inside exhibit takes a critical look at American social, political and cultural issues of the past century and how they have been received by popular culture of the time as well as today. I have often used historical artifacts or "Americana", most commonly features from newspapers or popular magazines, as not only inspiration but often as a foundation upon which to create my art. By using clear resin epoxy I've been able to encase delicate material that would otherwise disintegrate, making it completely archival and timeless. Although I use different processes throughout my body of work, continuity is created through personal exploration of process and methodology."

~ Bryan Gorneau

Prize Inside, 36"x48"
Untitled, 80"x 30"


Born in 1981 in Old Lyme, Bryan Gorneau works as an artist in Old Lyme Connecticut. He is currently the studio manager and resident artist for Studio 80+ Sculpture Grounds, where he fabricates large scale metal sculptures.

While attending the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts, he apprenticed for several years with sculptor and architect, Gilbert Boro, owner of studio 80+ Sculpture Grounds. In 2007, Bryan went to Wyoming to study welding. While there, he worked for wild life sculptor Margery Torry.

After working as a professional welder in Madison CT, Bryan found himself back in Old Lyme at Studio 80+ where he manages the Studio and continues his work.

Poland Invasion, 11.25" x 15.5"
Behind Bank st, 45"x30"

Though seemingly random, much of the material chosen by Old Lyme artist Bryan Gorneau follows a deliberate pattern of iconic representation. Carefully selecting items from the cultural landscape that has evolved during much of the 20th century in the United States, Gorneau then deconstructs each image through its placement in his individual creative context. Sliced, separated, overlayed and conjoined, he refashions reality until arriving at that point where symmetry and subjectivity merge into art. Whether through the creation of two or three-dimensional works, the result is both a reconceptualization of the image and an expansion of its original message as it is "reborn" into a previously non-existent object.

All of Gorneau's work is infused with a youthful curiosity and creative exploration as he deftly


dismantles both objects and ideas, seeking to find a new way of understanding and portraying the world around him. Indeed, the past century has been overloaded with a plethora of oftentimes confusing events and images, magnified as advances in communication technology have brought so much of this into our daily lives on an almost minute-to-minute basis. Through his work, Gorneau highlights and preserves many of the "headlines" that have punctuated our society's cultural identity, while redefining their messages from his personal artistic perspective. Provenance Center is pleased to present this exhibit of Bryan Gorneau's work, as both the representation of a young and creative talent and an artist whose style is open, active and evolving.

~ Nadesha Mijoba

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"My work takes a critical look at American social, political and
cultural issues of the past century and how they were received by
popular culture of the time and today."
~ Bryan Gorneau


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