Mindfulness, Elegance, and
Energy in Tai Chi Chuan


David Fryburg
an exhibit of photographs


April 27 - June 22, 2013

Opening Reception: April 27 at 7:00 pm


Click here for a demonstration of Tai Chi
by Master David Chandler


The images in this exhibit are a study of the moment before an action occurs, the sliver in time during which the �actor� decides, consciously or subconsciously, on his or her personal intention for that action. In that moment, guided by emotion and ethics, that person�s intention transforms potential action into physical reality. Tai chi chuan is the perfect laboratory for the study of intention. Also celebrated as as a form of moving meditation, the beauty of the motions and singular focus of experienced tai chi practitioners epitomize how intention guides action. In empty-hand forms, with weapons, or in contact with other tai chi practitioners, the projection of their intention (known as yi (pronounced �yee�)) is visible in unity with the mindfulness of the moment and the spiral elegance of their movements. I hope that you can share in the experience as you view the images. ~ David Fryburg


David Fryburg, founder of Free Mountain Photography, has been producing images since he was 6 years old. He has taught photography and exhibited work in both group and solo shows. As a student of Tai Chi for many years, Fryburg combines both his passions in the current project. Most recently, he was the photographer for Arthur Rosenfeld's forthcoming book, "Tai Chi - The Perfect Exercise" (DaCapo Press, June 2013).


From the perspective of traditional Chinese thought, Tai Chi Chuan aptly represents the important concept and philosophy of mind-body health as fundamental to overall well-being. The study and practice of Tai Chi can enhance both physical and mental health through its focus upon many aspects of personal training and self-discipline. Practices involving mastery of one's breathing, states of movement, and degrees of calm and relaxation have been increasingly linked to improvement in many aspects of individual health. Nonetheless, as a form of both exercise and spiritual enhancement, the study and practice of Tai Chi is daily appreciated by thousands across the world.

This exhibit highlights photographs by David Fryburg as he seeks to reveal the essence of Tai Chi Chuan through these meticulously composed examples of a collection of individuals in the act of practicing this multi-dimensional art form. As a state of being,


mindfulness allows us to be entirely present, to fully attend to this moment of our existence. As a form of living, Tai Chi fosters such mindfulness, with increased mastery bringing one to a point where such a state of being becomes effortless and integral to one's life. Inherent to such a perspective, however, is the notion of intent, the conscious decision to rolex replica sale one's life with the value of mindfulness as both an outlook and a foundation for action and personal growth. From such a philosophical basis and daily practice flows the manifest elegance so beautifully portrayed in David's photos, as the spiritual being of each subject emanates from the motion and stillness of their deliberate yet effortless movements.

~ Nadesha Mijoba

At birth all people are soft and yielding.
At death they are hard and stiff.
All green plants are tender and yielding.
At death they are brittle and dry.
When hard and rigid,
We consort with death.
When soft and flexible,
We affirm greater life.
~ Tao Te Ching 76

�When you know nature as part of yourself,
You will act in harmony.
When you feel yourself part of nature,
You will live in Harmony.�
~ Tao Te Ching 13


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