JUNE 23 � JULY 12, 2012

"thirst" . . . a lack of the liquid needed to sustain life.

. . . it is the meaning of the word "thirst" in the dictionary; and I find this definition to be closely related to the work I am currently undertaking.


Through this project I explore the aesthetic possibilities of various discarded materials that seem to carry within themselves the "liquid needed to sustain life." For example, many of the objects gathered have served as containers in their "former life" - more specifically, to provide a vessel by which humans can satisfy the desire and need for liquid to support and sustain life. Each year billions of such containers are used and discarded. Rarely do we give much consideration to these containers - we may offer a brief thought as to their shape, color, size or feel, but for the most part we simply consume their contents and throw them away. Even if we choose to recycle these containers, it is with little thought as to the object we have so easily used and then relegated to the growing collection of trash engulfing our planet.

I see art in these objects gathered around the theme of "Drinks", and/or "Thirst", since they are intrinsically connected. I call these materials "ex-objects"- not trash, discarded matter, or refuse, as they are usually labeled when they lose their utility. As I manipulate them in various ways, I give them a new status, without completely changing their essence.

  Noemia Marinho, born and raised in Brazil, has been living in the NYC area for the past few years. As a self-taught artist, she discovered art later in her life. She has participated in group shows and had her first solo exhibition in Yonkers, NY, in May 2010. An expert in Brazilian business practices and culture, she has an MA in Cross Cultural Studies and a major in Education. While living in Brazil, she led the Sponsorship Department of a large nonprofit organization - Compassion International - and also participated in a research development project throughout North Africa and Europe, aiming to implement small business with minorities.

"Much of our human experience evolves around consumption and the "trash" that such generates, either from our own selves or from our fellow human beings. My work is an attempt to explore a way out of this condition, and I use art as my guide. In my search for aesthetic expression, I find it very easy to be disturbed by the "trash" all around us but can quickly see beauty in it. "
~ Noemia Marinho


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