Shattered & Surreal�
July 24 through October 17, 2010

Also featuring a collection of photographs by Patrick Raycraft, a photojournalist for the Hartford Courant. While on vacation in Santo Domingo following the Jan. 12 earthquake in Haiti, he joined the International Medical Alliance relief effort. He documented his experience by writing daily journal entries and photographing.

Patrick Raycraft
Photograph, 2010



Left is interpreter and assistant, John Phillip "Timothy" Dicks,
center, Patrick Raycraft, and at right is Dominican Police Major Sandy
Rafael Zabala. They all met and worked together at the border hospital
before traveling together to Haiti.

Patrick Raycraft served as a Peace Corps volunteer (1984-86) in the Dominican Republic and was stationed near the Haitian border. Having majored in Spanish at Hamilton College, he was able to work as a medical interpreter for Dominican patients and visiting U.S. surgeons.

After the Peace Corps, Raycraft taught high school Spanish at Proctor Academy in Andover, New Hampshire. While recovering from a painful shoulder injury, he was encouraged by a colleague to reconsider photography as a hobby.


His first point-and-shoot camera had been stolen years earlier while getting on a bus in Guatemala. In New Hampshire, Raycraft decided to invest in a new 35mm film camera (Minolta X-700) and began taking weekly classes with a local photographer. Restored to good health, Raycraft was then assigned to lead Proctor's overseas program in Segovia, Spain. While living and working in Spain, he set up a darkroom and learned to make his own black and white prints.

Friendships were made in Segovia with local photographers who offered him advice and direction. On his own time, Raycraft began a personal photography project in the local Gypsy enclave where he established a very positive, gratifying give-and-take relationship. After four years in Spain and encouraged by his own students, he decided to pursue a master's degree in photography at Ohio University.

Since 1999, Raycraft has been a staff photographer at The Hartford Courant. He has also worked on the staff of the Concord Monitor in New Hampshire and El Universo in Guayaquil, Ecuador. In 2001, he took a leave of absence from The Courant to photograph baseball in Cuba.

His photographs have been published by other print and broadcast media including CNN, Fox CT, The New York Times and Vermont Public Radio.



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