An exhibit celebrating the talent and creativity of our local, New London area, art community.


December 3, 2011 ~ January 14, 2012

Opening Reception December 3, 2011
6:00 to 9:00 p.m.


Type "A" Artist

The mandala of beaded hands is reaching, doing, creating. The center "eye" made from a printers type "A" is seeking inspiration. A golden halo around the eye symbolizes the Divine within. Tools of the artist-a paintbrush and palette are the backbone and core of the piece. Amber wheels and copper "motion lines" indicate moving forward in life. A love of nature, spirituality and objects worn with their own history are revealed in my sculptures. Primitive, Folk and Outsider Art often inspire me. I believe artistic inspiration and expression are communication with the Divine Creator and consider creating art to be a component of my spiritual practice.

~ Nancy McBride



Structured Existence

Out of the chaos of everyday life, my artistic goal is to simplify the world around me, filtering out the extraneous and needlessly complex. I seek to expose the beauty lying just beneath the surface, colors and textures creating a path to a universe both neatly organized and elegant in nature. As an artist, I choose to express myself without complexity, searching for that succinct message which reveals my vision of ideal existence, intentionally arranged and structured with loving care.

~ Alejandro Melendez-Cooper


Awaiting Inspection

I cannot remember a time in my life, even as a child, when I did not see things differently from those around me. I have always seen the world in terms of abstract shapes, colors and movement. To observe things in terms of what they actually were seemed like an all too obvious conclusion. Perhaps in some ways this made me feel that I was not like everyone else and a part of me was always a bit shy and reserved and on some level waiting for approval.In art most of us create for the joy of the process, not so much for the end result. However, each work of art, for me, is a reflection of my inner being, of who I am and, therefore, in the end, I hope someone else will experience joy or excitement or emotion from the work of art I have created. So I suppose I am still "Awaiting Inspection.

~ Julia Pavone




The Virgin and the Seed

This piece tells the story of a number of my journeys made from the confines of institutions to the freedom of my own self-expression with inspiration from the endless artistry of nature. The institutions have been religious and academic, both expressing their domination through the practices of patriarchy. This piece speaks to this domination in terms of the Bishop's Crook, the wheat and the church building that has as its window extinct birds and animals. The Virgin, aka Pachamama, has been used with her son as the feminine face of the dominating force, but has now left the institution, giving up the male child who has also been used to lead people away from the true sources of salvation-their connections with themselves and nature.

In her arms is the seed, sprouting so strongly, it is coming out of the canvas. The moon, ancient symbol of many Goddesses, including Phoebe, which means Bright Moon. It is about rebirth, about returning to the healing powers of the four elements -air, water, earth and fire-about coming home to us, to our home the earth. This panel includes bark, small tree branches and roots that are freely growing out of the canvas to show their power. The power expressed in this piece is about the indomitable life force within us all.

~ Phoebe Godfrey



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