Provenance Center 2nd Annual Photograph Exhibit
June 25 ~ August 13, 2011

It has been said that women provide the spiritual foundation upon which rests all of human life. Indeed, while historically given a secondary role to males, women have likely been the source of whatever fragile balance humanity is able to maintain. This Provenance Center exhibit seeks to display images of all aspects of the world of woman, highlighting strength, character and spirituality as seen and portrayed through the lens of our guest photographers. Come join us as we briefly travel the path of experience in the life of women throughout the world.

Minha Irma
Barbara Winters
Ester Matsinhe applying the traditional Mozambican mussiro bark mask for the first
time. A beauty treatment; but women wear
the mask all day as they are considered
beautiful in their culture.
Waiting, Worrying, Wondering
Cindy Barry
Elderly Indian woman, unaffected by my presence, enters the ghats of Pushkar for
puja (spiritual cleansing).
Market Lady
Kathryn Whitney Lucey
Smiling woman sits in the streets on market day selling her wares.

Robert Spitz

In the images, photos and other forms of artistic expression displayed, women across the globe are portrayed in their daily lives as they face all that the human experience has to offer. For many, each day is a struggle to provide food, safety and security for their children and themselves in a world where more than a billion individuals live in poverty. And, while joined with men in their need and desire for that which many regularly take for granted, women in every nation face a history and tradition of discrimination and abuse due solely to their gender. It is hoped that this exhibit presents an opportunity for all viewers to reflect upon the condition of women, now and in the past, and to examine situations and circumstances in which inequality and injustice persists.

Nonetheless, despite the need for ongoing attention to issues of social justice and truly equitable treatment, the lives of women remain rich and fulfilling. The World of Women extols the virtue of gender solidarity - to be a female is a privilege and an honored status. Throughout this exhibit one finds images of women as mothers and caregivers, roles that have been too often considered as secondary to the male experience. Yet it is unquestionably the case that the influence of the mother provides the emotional and spiritual foundation for all societies and civilization, however overtly patriarchal. Despite the obvious need for the "male of the species", the world of women is not marked by a similar history of aggression, conflict and war.


Although the evolutionary details are complex, the world of women and men has always differed in significant aspects, notably an inclination towards peace over conflict. Consider the sentiment of women in this regards, and then speculate in your own mind how today's world would be different if the events of the past century had been guided by such sentiment.

The World of Woman offers a brief journey into the lives of a very small selection of women from various parts of the globe. Through the eyes of our contributing photographers, we are afforded a glimpse into this dimension of the human experience. As language is not confined to the spoken word and culture can be understood as existing in all human groups, the language and culture of women contains a message that may be significant for the survival of humanity into the future.


We all need to listen and rightfully value that which the world of a woman has to offer,
especially when the message is quiet and soft. ~ Nadesha Mijoba


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