ABSTRACT RECYCLING 2011: The World is Not a Dump

1st Annual Sculpture Exhibit
A Provenance Center Exhibit at the North Stonington Transfer Station
215 Wintechog Hill Road, North Stonington, CT
JUNE 18 � JULY 20, 2011
OPENING RECEPTION SATURDAY, JUNE 18 from 4:30 - 7:30 p.m.

This exhibit is a collection of works that were created over a two-month period from materials found in the North Stonington Transfer Station. Over the many years of visiting this site, on one particular occasion I encountered the most curious item which served as a source of inspiration for this exhibit. Inspiration for artistic expression is everywhere to be found; and we can share ideas, thoughts, emotions, fears and hopes through the language of art. Art can often go beyond language, as it has the potential to offer inspiration for which words are sometimes inadequate. Art also offers us a means of connecting with the natural world, of which we are all a part.

This exhibit seeks to call attention to the growing degradation of our planet through the widespread consumption of goods and materials, most of which become trash after use and disposed of in landfills and recycling centers such as found in North Stonington. Despite numerous efforts to recycle the abundance of discarded items and waste, the land and oceans of our planet are becoming increasingly polluted with negative consequences to all forms of life on Earth. It is my hope that this exhibit will create an opportunity to reflect on our individual contributions to this problem � to reflect on the impact we each make upon our environment.

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RT Spitz
Welded steel

RT Spitz
Tribute to Broadway
Welded Steel


RT Spitz
Willow Tree
Welded Steel

RT Spitz
In the Garden
Concrete and rebar



"That happiness is to be attained through limitless material acquisition is denied
by every religion and philosophy known to humankind, but is preached incessantly
by every American television set." ~ Robert Bellah, The Broken Covenant


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