This is an invitation to a milonga that will take you into the world of Argentine tango.
The intention of this journey is to take you
through a vivid tango hold and show you
the floor and the sensuality of it all.

starting at 7:00 p.m.
165 State Street (The Atrium)
New London, Connecticut

Light refreshments, music, and tango lessons

$10.00 per person



The celebrated Caminito tango was composed in 1924 by Juan de Dios Filiberto over a Gabino Coria Pe�azola's lyric.

The "caminito" (path) referred to in the lyric is not the tiny famous Buenos Aires street but a track in the village of Olta (La Rioja, Argentina).

Lyrics by: Gabino Coria Peñaloza

Music by: Juan de Dios Filiberto


Versión en castellano
English translation


Caminito que el tiempo ha borrado,
que juntos un d�a nos viste pasar,
he venido por �ltima vez
he venido a contarte mi mal.

Caminito que entonces estabas
bordado de tr�bol y juncos en flor,
una sombra ya pronto ser�s
una sombra lo mismo que yo.

Desde que se fu� triste vivo yo,
caminito amigo yo tambien me voy.
Desde que se fu� nunca m�s volvi�,
seguir� sus pasos, caminito, adi�s.

Caminito que todas las tardes
feliz recorr�a cantando mi amor,
No le digas si vuelve a pasar
Que mi llanto tu huella reg�.

Caminito cubierto de cardos,
la mano del tiempo tu huella borr�.
Yo a tu lado quisiera caer
y que el tiempo nos mate a los dos.



Little path that time has erased,
That one day saw us pass by together,
I have come for the last time,
I have come to tell you my woes.

Little path, you were then,
embroidered in clover and flowering reeds,
a shadow you will soon be,
a shadow the same as myself.

Since she left I live in sadness,
little road my friend, I'm leaving also.
Since she left she never returned,
I'll follow her steps, little path, goodbye.

Little path which every afternoon
I happily travelled singing of my love
don't tell her if she passes through again
that my tears watered your tracks.

Little path covered with thistle,
the hand of time erased your tracks.
I would like to fall beside you
and let time kill us both.

Argentine Tango in New London
Kana Kubota Thursday Tango classes at Provenance


Group Classes
Every Thursday
7:00-8:00 pm Tuning In (All Level)
8:00-9:00 pm Further Exploration (for experienced dancers)


One Class Walk-in $15
2 classes on one night ONLY$20!!!



About Kana Kubota

Founder & Director of Jonan Music & Dance School in Fukuoka, Japan. Originally from Japan, Kana Kubota came to NYC to continue her graduate studies in music. Kana received Master's Degree in Music Education at Teachers College of Columbia University. Kana's love and passion for music and dance took her to training in musical theater, tap dancing, ballet, and ballroom dancing. Kana was trained in ballroom by top level competitors and champions, including Sandra Cameron, Bill Davis, Jonathan Wilkins, Steven Dougherty, Clive Philips, and a remarkable choreographer Peter DiFalco.

After competing ballroom for years, Kana fell in love with Argentine Tango. Kana specializes in: Argentine Tango, (social, performance, choreography) Strong Emphasis on lead & follow, musicality, navigation skills on the floor, for beginners. Solid foundation and technique, extensive training for intermediate through advanced, devoted dancers.



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